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we never update in this thing...
i was listening to that mya song... dont ask me why, for i dont even know.
"my love is like wo" that's how it's spelled. am i missing something?! what does that mean?! is it like "woe" or like "whoa"?

i dont know. i'm not sure i particularly care to either. it's just bugging me.
maybe i'm reading too much into it.

all i know is that this shit wont get off my mind. like, i thought i was having a good day. i'm not PMSing any longer... but i just randomly started to cry this morning. for no real reason. which is so stupid!! but i cant explain it...
and then i though i had found the solution to my problems, only to find out in was someone else's solution...

fuck!!! i just lost a $20 bill! fuck fuck fuck!!!
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