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it's over. over...over. all good things come to an end, but why this one? why my good thing? why the one thing that made me feel beautiful?

Break it to me gently, let me down the easy way
Make me feel that you still love me, if its just, if its just for one more day.
Break it to me gently, so my tears, my tears wont fall too fast.

If you must go, then go slowly.
Let me love you 'till then.

The love we shared, for oh so long is such a big part of me.
If you must take your love a way, take it gradually.

Break it, break it to me gently.
Give me time, oh give me a little time to ease the pain.
Love me just a little longer, 'cause I'll never ever love again.
'Cause I'll never love again.

"if you love someone, let them go. if it comes back, that's how you know"

i can only hope. i just wish... who am i kidding here. it's not over yet. there's still 1 day. 1. do you know how much i love him? i'm glad we're going to stay friends, but i think that may be harder...i'll see him and then i'll have to remember that i can't have him anymore. that he won't hold me... and it's going to hurt. alot. and i try and i try and i try to think of something, anything that could be the silver lining and i just don't see it. it's not there. there is nothing good about this. nothing. how can i just watch him go? he says not to cry...i don't cry...i can't...but there's no way to stop myself. 3 lucky number... i can't even begin to discribe what i'm feeling here. i just want to be with him one more time. and luckily i can. luckily we chose to do that. but once i'm in his arms i don't think i'll ever be able to let go... i feel like just breaking down. just letting it all go out. just fall to the floor and let everything go. but i can't and won't do that. i love him and i always will.'ll come back....
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